Dennis van Lith

UX Professional

Who, what, where and why...

I believe in intuitive and intelligent user experience. Creating experience proven experiences that make the end-users happy. I am a UX Professional and Strategist focusing on; Optimal customer engagement that contains an agile, collaborative, insightful, and preferably a beautiful experience. A user experience that interprets the end-users goals and needs makes them more efficient and in control while using the site, application, or installation.

A professional that loves to advance his skills on UX strategies that contribute to the customer-led approach, while also considering the technical possibilities, available time, and budget into account.

A UX Designer and product designer passionate about creating innovative ideas based upon human behavioral analysis—investigating and validating, fact check assumptions and discover newly found outcomes while creating perceptive interfaces that support the customer's demands.

A Professional with over 20 years of experience at optimizing complex functional products, analyzing intricate data and metrics, and optimizing the product in a comprehensive and user-friendly way. My true passion is to build strong UX strategies and approaches that support the production teams to collaboratively build applications that are built with the customer, for the customer.


UX Stragetist

Collectively building solid UX strategic groundworks for UX teams, development teams, managers and other stakeholders to build as a collaboratively. Supporting teams to develop UX skills to construct a common understanding.

UX Designer

Building innovative interactive symbiotic designs between customers, end-user and business product. Explore in an collaborative team, diverge and converge to come up with ideas to validate with customers in a qualitative and quantitative approach.

UX Workshop Fascilitator

Facilitating UX workshops to discover the best-practiced ideas though a collaborative way. Guiding the 'Discovery' team into the design journey to acknowledge the user behavior, and impediments. And emerge these bottlenecks towards ideal solutions for projects.

Design Systems

Create, develop and safeguarding variable and flexible design systems for various frameworks.


Team & planning based progress to optimize the design process and discovery phases. Working on an iterative structured product to ensure an essential clean progress.

Work Profession

2021 - Current

Sr. UX Professional / Strategist

Nextens LexisNexis Risk | Amsterdam (NL)

My work at LexisNexis Risk (Nextens) is diverse—I am a sr. UX Designer, strategist and teamlead. I support and manage the UX design team, plan and execute multiple projects, and work with product and design leadership on strategic initiatives.

  • Support and advance a team of of junior and medior UX designer.
  • Share, explore and cultivate knowledge and new insights. Creating a common understanding within the UX profession.
  • Support projects within the individual squads and their assigned UX members.
  • Collaborative strategise with the UX Researcher, managment, Product Owners and other stakeholders.
  • Setting up Research and validation phases.
  • Preparing and fascilitating workshops to create compassion towards the customers bottlenecks and challenges.
  • Moderate, maintain and safeguard several design systems.
  • Advocate and integrate the necsesity of the Customers Needs within the company.

2019 - 2021

Sr. UX Researcher / Product Designer

LexisNexis IP | Leiden (NL)

My work at LexisNexis IP was targetted on the Intellectual Propert industry. Where I was working as a sr. UX Designer and strategist. I support and manage the UX design processes, plan and execute within multiple projects and teams in Leiden (Netherlands) and Bonn (Germany), and work with product and design leadership on strategic initiatives.

  • Build upon the UX maturity within the company.
  • Fascilitate UX optimized designs within the front-end squad.
  • Build, maintain and safeguard on the design system.
  • Advocate and integrate the necsesity of the "Costomers Needs" within the company.
  • champion the UX approaches in other departments within company.

2018 - 2019

Sr. UX Design

SuperShift | Delft (NL)

Lead UX Designer at SuperShift. For full service and solution-oriented focus on web-, cloud- and application design in B2B, B2E & B2C for an optimal engagement solution for cross-device, cross-platform experience.

  • Lead UX Designer within the company where I support and advance a Medior UX Designer.
  • Onboarding projects with clients and co-create their ideas with workshops.
  • Optimize solutions and designs with devlopment team.
  • Validate designs with clients and their end-users.

2016 - 2018

Lead UX Designer

iWelcome | Amersfoort (NL)

Lead User Experience Designer at iWelcome. Europe’s Identity Platform with a IDaaS (SaaS), CIAM solution company. Researching and Re-design on User Interactions for the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) with identity and access management for B2E, B2C, B2B & CIAM.

  • Research the legislation which was renamed as GDPR/AVG and transform the findings to workable UX approaches.
  • Creating optimized login screens, onboarding flows and user management portals for the ciam, iam and iDaas market.
  • Collaborative strategise within the Product Management team and other stakeholders.
  • Discovering industries best designs that include the compassion towards the customers bottlenecks and challenges.
  • Investigating optimized MFA/2FA methods
  • Support the Development team on premises located in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) with UX optimized designs and discuss new solutions to include within the upcoming designs.
  • Analyze funnels, user-flows within metric applications to assess hinnderances that need optimization.

2014 - 2015

IxD Design

Coosto | Eindhoven (NL)

IxD/UX/UI Designer at Coosto. European leading social media, monitoring & marketing firm focussed on B2B, B2B2E. On location development & UX Design on their cloud product, called 'Coosto'.

2013 - 2014

IxD/UX Design

Unilever | Vlaardingen (NL)

Recruited for backtracking and reorganizing the Microsoft SharePoint environment. Due to the wild grow of sites, environments, and blogs, the 2,2Pb of science- & work data was almost unattainable. Redesigned the look and feel. Redesigned a better search function with the Development team in London to optimize the workflow.

2011 - 2013

UX Design

Mobitainment | Den Haag (NL)

Hired as front-end designer & UX Designer. The firm focusses itself in the online entertainment industry online as well in SMS text. Increased the revenue with 40% optimizing the payment page. Increased user activity by around 30% implementing badges on a video sharing portal.

2007 - 2014 (Discontinued)

Freelance Allround Designer


Discontinued since 2015. Some of the clients I worked for were. Politie Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Microdesign, Body-Mind Centering Association. As a volunteer I worked on the GNU/GPL Open Source Application called Eraser v6



Facilitating UX Workshops

Sarah Gibbons - Chief Designer at NN/g

For a well-structured user experience it is imperative not to focus on a siloed practice. In order to collect knowledge, generate new ideas, and design solutions, it’s best to bring people and professionals together. But even when people come together with the best intentions, ideas and outputs don’t just simply happen. This course helped me to deal with all sorts of people and diverge and converge to bring the best ideas on the table.

NN/g Nielsen Norman Group


Sr. UX Designer


Learned to combine business goals with user needs in an UX strategy. Whilst update the knowledge about design systems, story mapping and design sprints.

UX Academy

1992 - 1996

Grafisch Lyceum (GLR)


Grafische Vormgeving & DTP

Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

1995 - present




1992 - present

UX/UI Design


Prototyping, Wireframing, Creating User flows, User Journeys, Human Interface Design, Design systems, Human behavior, Visual Thinking, UX Profession, UX Strategy, User Research, Data Analytics, Information Architecture, Collaboration, Application Development, Communication and Presentation.


Design Systems

Building blocks

In depth knowledge of multiple design systems, like Google Material Design, Microsoft Fluent design System, Apple Design, Bootcamp. And even the famous Atomic Design.

UX Tools

Tools of the trade

My personal choices of todays most commonly used tools are My personal choices of today’s most used tools are; Adobe XD, Sketch, Balsamiq, Axure, Figma, Optimal Workshop, Lookback, Miro Boards, Trello, Atlassian, and SalesForce.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR / AVG)

UX Study

Study invested to read, dissect and discuss the GDPR/AVG in depth. Researching the UX/UI aspects to the regulations stated in the General Data Protection Regulation. And find new approaches to support the end-user's privacy, and to maintain the 'golden record' in the clients database.



To support my creative ability. Photography gives me the freedom to zoom into the details, the beauty and essence of the design aspects. Next to this, it helps me to get into a meditative state of mind, clear my thoughts, and come to new ideas.

Sport Climbing

A real adrenaline junky! And I do like push my boundaries from time to time. This sport empowers me to push myself to a limit. Overcoming great fears and seek new goals.


You'll see me hanging around in museum’s & art galleries. Seeking new inspiration in all kinds of art. May it be a painting, music or even street-art.


The Netherlands
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